The Oppo F19S has just been introduced in the markets a few months back, and the reviews have been pouring in from the moment it was launched in the market. With the Oppo F19S, Oppo has surprised everyone with its looks and design sense, despite the low price tag of the handset. So how much does the Oppo F19S cost? Is it worth the price? Let us find out! Oppo F19S

When the Oppo F19S was launched in the markets, it had very unique and stylish looks that made it different from the other mobiles available in the market. It has an all over body design, giving it a sporty feel to it, though the body layout is sleek and slim. The device has a dual camera, which gives it an unique look. Though the handset has a nice build, it does not have high end features like the iPhone or HTC Evo.

The Oppo F19S has a dual camera on the top, along with a four megapixel main camera and a three megapixel flash. The device has a octa-core chipset, which is based on the MTG CPU, running on Windows CE platform. The dual core processor helps in the efficient performance of the device.

The main camera of the Oppo F19S is a rear facing one, which has a pretty decent lens. The lens has an advanced lens construction, resulting in sharp images even at the edges. The ISPI color filter engine also enables the low level of blue light emission. The main camera has a 16 mpix resolution, which can be increased to 24 mpix using the ISPI color filter system.

The Oppo F19S has a colorOS 11.1 Android operating system, which is based on the Tango OS. This gives it an advantage over many modern smartphones. The feature rich Android software has great quality images, thanks to the superior pixel density of the screen. The device comes with a high quality thin and light aluminum frame, along with metallic front and back plates. It is the first smartphone with this design, which was introduced by Samsung.

If you are looking for a smartphone with an eye catching design and a modern user interface, the Oppo F19S is the ideal device to buy. It comes with a large screen, a powerful main camera and a colorOS 11.1 Android operating system, which means that it will allow you to use all the latest features available on the market today. It also has a slim and light body, along with a metallic front and back plate. The battery life is not great, but if you use the Google applications, then you should find this phone very useful.

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